When I was a child my mother moved quite a bit.  Trying to remember where I lived is tricky because some places we lived longer than others.  I would say that I lived in North Idaho most of my life.  My dad lived in the same trailer in Pinehurst Idaho since I think I was […]


Know what I mean

Something I now have recognise in myself and have recently started to realize that others do it to. I guess that because in my head I am saying the word that I mean that and when others insert the wrong word I feel they meant what they said and since that is not what they […]

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It’s Not Fair

This is going to short. I just realized that the reason that I feel that I should be able to do whatever I see someone else doing it is how I learned what to do when around others.  I have a feeling that like my husband says to me now “I know it’s not fair” […]

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Princess & the Pea

I have always thought how I related to Princess & the Pea like being unable to deal with any sorts of lumps.  I realize now that this book was most likely written by a father who had a daughter with Hyper Sensitivity.  So I am curious about how people see the world because it seems […]

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Getting to know me

As I allow myself to remember my past because it is not nearly as scary to go back now. It is probably going to repeated again if I haven’t said this already.  I can not move forward in any meaningful way until I know who I am and in order to do that I have […]

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Wisdom not Serenity (add-on)

This is just some more thoughts in regards to my Wisdom not Serenity post which I will add the pic again.  Now the above post is not a prayer but rather my attempts to take out the parts, that I did not care for.  Acceptance of something that you can not change does not appeal […]

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Land of Confusion

I don’t really know how others see me and after trying so hard and failing constantly I finally just said fuck it.  If you don’t understand that I have no malicious intent in anything that I say or write then that’s your problem not mine.  I have a few quotes that run through my head […]

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